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Never has more new wealth been created but enjoyed by so few. Gain access to early stage start-up investments together with the pros before the rest.

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Start-up investing was previously available to only the wealthiest 3% of the population - this needs to change!

With Arcton, everyone can go unicorn hunting and invest in private startups for a chance to earn a return.

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What We Do?

We empower everyone to invest in start-ups.

Invest like the Pros

Selecting the right start-up is difficult. Investing together with today's professional investors and on the same terms helps you to make the right decision.

Make a Difference

Start-ups are changing the world. Now you can get involved too and support your favourite start-up.

Exit any time

The future is uncertain, and sometimes you have unexpected financial needs. Enjoy liquidity and sell your investment whenever you want.

Don't be late

Professional investors invest in early-stage start-ups when valuations are still low. Don’t wait until returns are minuscule but join them early.

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